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Photo of Emmanuel Schwartz
Photo of Emmanuel Schwartz

Emmanuel Schwartz

“I realized people there were ready to hear nuanced positions on thorny topics. My greatest takeaway from that experience was realizing the power of speech in France, and how they’re not afraid of verbal conflict, of explicitly calling out societal problems by name, which is quite different from Quebec. That was fascinating and profound. In interviews, you’ve often talked about how you feel a certain kinship to the oppressed and the underdogs. Does that continue to fuel your drive as a storyteller? I guess for a long time, I was really keen on calling myself oppressed or marginalized. Maybe my mind is changing about that, maybe I feel more like everybody else every single day.”

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    Xavier Dolan Canada, 2012

    A vibrant and baroque melodrama circling relationships, gender and love. Xavier Dolan, Canada’s resident enfant terrible, with his third film and its unyielding commitment to its central characters’ transition and plight, made perhaps his most accomplished and thematically rich film yet.

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