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Photo of Emmanuelle Devos
Photo of Emmanuelle Devos

Emmanuelle Devos

“I love being alone, in those moments I have a direct communication with who stands behind the camera. And I love to receive strong feedback: when I act, I expose myself. I become vulnerable, like a child, I enjoy having everyone’s attention.”

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    Arnaud Desplechin France, 2000

    This wild and powerful 19th century theatre drama by Arnaud Desplechin (My Golden Days) became controversial over star Summer Phoenix’s vivid and highly unusual acting style. Over time, Desplechin and Phoenix’s collaboration has stood strong as an utterly unique evocation of cinematic character.

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    Emmanuel Carrère France, 2005

    Winner of the Europa Cinemas award at Cannes (a top prize in the Directors’ Fortnight sidebar), La Moustache is an eerie psychological drama in the spirit of Kafka with shades of Hitchcock, building outward beguilingly from the most simple—and bizarre—of premises.


    Frédéric Fonteyne Belgium, 2004

    This sensuous and haunting tale of love betrayal is built around an extraordinary performance by the award-winning French star Emmanuelle Devos. In his devotion to the period’s atmospherics, director Frédéric Fonteyne lovingly brings to life 1930s France in this fraught drama of unconditional love.


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