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Photo of Éric Gautier
Photo of Éric Gautier

Éric Gautier

“Personally, I like the storybook quality, I prefer Truffaut’s cinema to the Dardennes.”

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    Arnaud Desplechin France, 2000

    This wild and powerful 19th century theatre drama by Arnaud Desplechin (My Golden Days) became controversial over star Summer Phoenix’s vivid and highly unusual acting style. Over time, Desplechin and Phoenix’s collaboration has stood strong as an utterly unique evocation of cinematic character.

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    Olivier Assayas France, 2006

    A rarity in Assayas’ filmography, Noise finds the director, whose cinema has always been vividly linked to the ecstasies of pop music, turn his lens upon a hypnotic concert. Performances from Sonic Youth, Metric, Jeanne Balibar, and more align to compose a testament to the beauty of dissonance.


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