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Photo of Jem Cohen
Photo of Jem Cohen

Jem Cohen

“The essay film is the name given to the unnameable and undescribable. Its wildest strength is that it takes you to the edges of cinema where something simply can’t be pinned down.”

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    Jem Cohen Austria, 2012

    Museum Hours seems to exist in an impossible confluence between narrative freedom and careful composition, between everyday wisdom and art history, between time present and time past. All this while being one of the most deeply moving odes to friendship in recent cinema. Is this a film or a miracle?

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    Jem Cohen United States, 2015

    One of American cinema’s foremost travelers—not only to places, but between traditional kinds of movies—Jem Cohen’s films excitedly hum as essential transmissions we need to see and hear. Perhaps none of his work is as electric in this way as Counting, an intoxicating mix travelogue and essay film.


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