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Photo of Kate Lyn Sheil
Photo of Kate Lyn Sheil

Kate Lyn Sheil

“I guess if you want to be involved in movies, I don’t know if it’s true for everyone, but for me, just educate yourself as best you can. Become part of the world; go see the movies that are the kinds of movies you would want to be in or would hope that a movie you would be in would be even half as good. And be part of the film community. That’s kind of the only advice that I can give because that’s the only thing I can pinpoint, besides working hard or caring about it a lot and being dedicated.”

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    Alex Ross Perry United States, 2011

    Before Listen Up Philip, Queen of Earth, and Her Smell, indie director Alex Ross Perry grabbed our attention with this wonderfully acerbic second feature. An uproariously abrasive, fast-paced comedy road movie about a hyper dysfunctional brother-sister duo, shot on gorgeous 16mm B&W film.

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    Amy Seimetz United States, 2012

    The directorial debut from actor turned filmmaker Amy Seimetz (She Dies Tomorrow), this gripping, widely praised indie is centered around an unforgettable and captivatingly intense performance from lead performer Kate Lyn Sheil (The Girlfriend Experience). Co-starring director Kentucker Audley.


    Joe Swanberg United States, 2011

    American mumblecore director Joe Swanberg here takes a self-reflexive look at indie movie-making. Similar issues from The Zone are cleverly twisted during the making of a horror film, where jealousy is spawned between actors, directors, and lovers.


    Dan Sallitt United States, 2012

    A tender coming-of-age story from Dan Sallitt (Fourteen), The Unspeakable Act lovingly recalls the humanism of Éric Rohmer’s films. Taking on a difficult subject with rare sincerity, Sallitt allows his characters to develop subtly and with warmth. Watch out for Tallie Medel’s mighty portrayal.


    Gary Walkow United States, 2017

    Adapted from his own novel, Gary Walkow’s eerie, beguiling ghost story stars Kate Lyn Sheil as a woman haunted by a Mephistophelian mystery man and newfound telepathic powers. A new gem from a prizewinning independent filmmaker.