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Photo of Katee Sackhoff
Photo of Katee Sackhoff

Katee Sackhoff

“I think we actually live in a very selfish society — not necessarily negatively self-absorbed, but a very self-absorbed society. We’re one of the only countries that lives to work, and we work nonstop and we’re constantly moving, constantly trying to obtain because we are kind of programmed to think that this is the life we should want and this is the life that you have to have. So everyone is so driven that nobody takes time to acknowledge the person standing next to them to kind of have the head come out of the sand and the blinders to come off to realize that everyone around you is dealing with something in their life — and that it could happen to you. I think that we don’t stop until something happens to us. It’s such a bigger problem that I don’t know how to change society, and I don’t think anybody does. I think that’s the biggest problem: Nobody really recognizes what they have until they don’t have it anymore, or they don’t recognize the joy of not having something until they have it.”


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