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Photo of Kentucker Audley
Photo of Kentucker Audley

Kentucker Audley

“The idea that these films are insular is an interesting question. I feel most comfortable scrutinizing my own subculture. I struggle with how to use the same personal approach on a wider swath of society. I worry about not giving a full picture or not having the same blessing to "go anywhere."”

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    Albert Birney, Kentucker Audley United States, 2021

    Joyfully reveling in the absurdity of dreams, this candy-colored take on a dystopian future from Albert Birney and Kentucker Audley is a mixed-media marvel with a big heart. The spacey score will transport you to a trippy slumberland where papier-mâché monsters roam and an impossible romance blooms!

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    Charles Poekel United States, 2014

    Need an antidote to the too-often terrible sub-genre of Christmas movies? Look no further than Charles Poekel’s debut: A gem that ignores the schlocky, capitalist veneer of holiday culture, but rather attends to the emotional and economic nuances brought about by the wintry, consumerist season.


    Amy Seimetz United States, 2012

    The directorial debut from actor turned filmmaker Amy Seimetz (She Dies Tomorrow), this gripping, widely praised indie is centered around an unforgettable and captivatingly intense performance from lead performer Kate Lyn Sheil (The Girlfriend Experience). Co-starring director Kentucker Audley.


    Celia Rowlson-Hall United States, 2015

    A stunning debut by dancer and choreographer Celia Rowlson-Hall, Ma takes the Virgin Mary and radically re-imagines her in a contemporary and dialog-free story of archetypal relationships and movement through an American landscape of desert, motels and Las Vegas. Unconventional and risk-taking.


    Dustin Guy Defa United States, 2011

    This fiercely empathetic examination of pathological loneliness is the debut feature from indie auteur Dustin Guy Defa (Person to Person). Featuring a remarkable lead performance from Kentucker Audley as an aspiring stand-up comedian, Bad Fever is a prickly yet poignant study in social anxiety.