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Photo of Lucia Bosé
Photo of Lucia Bosé

Lucia Bosé

“Pablo Picasso was a dear friend to me and my family and this collection represents many happy times spent together. Pablo was a remarkable man with an endless ability to charm and entertain his friends both young and old.”

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    Pere Portabella Spain, 1968

    Starkly shot in black-and-white, Nocturno 29 is the moody debut from renaissance man Pere Portabella (experimental filmmaker, senator, intellectual and producer of Buñuel’s Viridiana!). His fragmentary ’68 masterpiece stars Lucia Bosé and was co-scripted by the great poet Joan Brossa.

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    Agustí Villaronga Spain, 1989

    Hypnotic visual rhythms, an arresting score by Dead Can Dance, and hallucinatory mythological lore compose this infamous Spanish cult film. Prepare to be mesmerized by a singular tapestry marrying the dark imaginary with a globetrotting adventure. A remarkable, unprecedented cinematic anomaly.


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