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Photo of Marie Delmas
Photo of Marie Delmas

Marie Delmas

[Valérie Massadian on Marie Delmas] [on Nana] 'It’s not that [Marie] needed psychological blah, blah, but she was an actor—it was very complicated for her, and then for me, that she would let go. There was a real one-to-one because I was filming them; I was always there in the space. It was really an ongoing link between us.'

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    Valérie Massadian France, 2011

    French filmmaker Valérie Massadian won the Best First Feature prize in Locarno for this hypnotic study set in the deepest recesses of nature. Nana is a film full of quiet patience, observation, and subtle revelations: the world of a young girl seen from the outside and with exquisite sensitivity.

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