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Photo of Mark Duplass
Photo of Mark Duplass

Mark Duplass

“Most people have one independent film in them, because it’s so hard. And then they’re like, “Thank God I made it through. Now I’m gonna go make studio movies.” Then they keep waiting for studio movies to be made. The thing is, I am willing to hang lights and suffer and keep doing it over and over again because I kind of like it. It’s the same thing that makes you want to go camping. You get into it.”

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    SEAN BAKER United States, 2015

    How can a movie shot on a mobile phone look as gorgeous as this intrepid portrait of female friendship? Filmmaking tricks aside, Sean Baker’s fifth feature gives voice to one of L.A.’s least explored subcultures while emerging as a tactful working-girl revenge hit. A major hit at Sundance!

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