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Photo of Matthias Grunsky
Photo of Matthias Grunsky

Matthias Grunsky

“What I have learnt on Before Sunrise from Lee Daniel back then was that good camera work does not have to be a spectacle but sometimes the simple solutions are the more effective ones to tell a story and capture the characters' emotions.”

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    Andrew Bujalski United States, 2002

    As refreshing now as on its debut, and just as awkwardly charming (or is that charmingly awkward?), in Funny Ha Ha “Mumblecore” pioneer Andrew Bujalski (Computer Chess) traces a young woman’s arrested development. A perceptive, hysterically laugh- and wince-inducing comedy about post-graduate drift.

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    Andrew Bujalski United States, 2009

    Newly restored, this heartfelt gem is “mumblecore” filmmaker Andrew Bujalski’s follow-up to the cult favorite Funny Ha Ha. With characters who are at their most honest when struggling to find the right words, it’s a funny and observant slice-of-life story shot in beautifully colorful 16mm.

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