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Photo of Mohamed Ben Attia
Photo of Mohamed Ben Attia

Mohamed Ben Attia

“Introspectif est un terme assez effrayant. Tout d’abord, je n’ai pas le recul suffisant pour le savoir. Mais l’écriture est souvent un acte égoïste car on cherche à faire un film qui va plaire à soi-même avant tout.”

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    Mohamed Ben Attia Tunisia, 2018

    Mohammad Ben Attia’s second feature, once again co-produced by the Dardenne brothers, is a compassionate portrait of a family’s seemingly inexplicable loss. Anchored by a remarkable lead performance from Mohamed Dhrif, Dear Son confirms the emergence of a major new voice in modern Tunisian cinema.

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    Mohamed Ben Attia Tunisia, 2016

    A heart-wrenching tale of emotional liberation, this riveting debut from Mohamed Ben Attia took home the Best First Feature and Best Actor awards from Berlin. Acutely attuned to the socioeconomic landscapes of post-revolution Tunisia, Hedi is a triumph of will-they-won’t-they romantic intrigue.