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Photo of Pietro Marcello
Photo of Pietro Marcello

Pietro Marcello

[Blake Williams on Pietro Marcello]: In simpler terms, Marcello’s cinema is deeply humanist and Romantic; affected as he is by late-19th-century Italian Proto-Impressionist art, it ought to be.

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    Pietro Marcello Italy, 2019

    Luca Marinelli won Best Actor at Venice for this beguilingly romantic study in class and political evolution. With indefatigable stylistic energy, director Pietro Marcello transposes Jack London’s autobiographical novel to the streets of Naples, forging a rich, panoramic metaphor for modern society.

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    Pietro Marcello Italy, 2021

    After his magisterial fiction debut Martin Eden, Pietro Marcello returns to the documentary format with this colorful portrait of singer Lucio Dalla. A love letter to the Bolognese icon, the film also looks at class struggle in a changing Italy, where politics and poetry often go hand in hand.

    Open-hearted and disarmingly candid, this deep dive into the hopes and fears that Italian youths harbor for the future doubles as a road trip through the country’s scenic wonders. A collective effort from three of Italy’s most exciting filmmakers, the luminous 16mm footage exudes a modern nostalgia.