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Photo of Tobin Bell
Photo of Tobin Bell

Tobin Bell

“No, I don’t. I mean, I understand that people refer to me as an icon and that sort of thing because there are certain guys who play a certain role. And horror fans are very passionate people. They love their genre. And they love the Saw films. So the fact that I played a central role in those films, that puts you in a position where people… You know, the screen is sixty feet across, and people sometimes forget that you’re an actor and you play… Because you become established as a certain kind of character. But in fact, we continue to try and occupy the skins of different human beings. That’s what you get involved in being an actor for in the first place. And it was delightful to play — although you might not attach the word “delightful” to a Saw film — it was delightful to work with the people that I worked with, because the collaboration was so strong that we were able to make the films smart, and to develop some relationships and characters.”


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