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Photo of Tyler Labine
Photo of Tyler Labine

Tyler Labine

“Eli [Craig] trusted me to really sort of really simplify what I do normally but be a really sweet, kind of dumb animal and I really like the idea of doing it that way, following with your heart and feeling confused all the time and being overly sweet. I thought that’s cool that somebody sees that in me and let alone wants me to do it as the lead of this movie which hadn’t happened to me yet either so that was pretty appealing.”

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    Eli Craig United States, 2009

    College kids. A house in the woods. Redneck locals. Think you’ve seen it all before? Think again, as this spunky horror-comedy flips every genre cliché on its head. Inventive and quick-witted, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil throws class stereotypes in its woodchipper for an outrageously funny splatterfest.

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