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Photo of William H. Daniels
Photo of William H. Daniels

William H. Daniels

“I didn't create a 'Garbo face'. I just did portraits of her I would have done for any star. My lighting for her was determined by the requirements of a scene...Garbo had natural long eyelashes and in certain moods I could throw the light down from quite high, and show the shadows of the eyelashes come down on the cheeks; it became a sort of trademark with her.”

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    Erich von Stroheim United States, 1922

    One of the great visionaries of a bygone age. A studio with no idea what to do with him. Foolish Wives was decimated on release, only later reconstructed to its current, fragmented form. And yet its majestic grandeur remains—testament to the peerless innovation of its director, Erich von Stroheim.

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    Rupert Julian, Erich von Stroheim United States, 1923

    While Rupert Julian took over directorial duties when Erich von Stroheim was fired for overspending, the spirit of the great director’s style lingers through Merry-Go-Round. Only some 10 minutes of von Stroheim’s footage remain, but Julian proves no slouch in pursuing the silent master’s vision.


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