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Photo of Y.G. Mahendran
Photo of Y.G. Mahendran

Y.G. Mahendran

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    Bharathiraja India, 1983

    Watch out for Revathi’s absolutely enthralling portrayal of a demure wife’s transformation into a fierce, self-dependent woman. A tribute to poet and social reformer Subramania Bharati, this Malayalam drama raises pertinent questions about the place of women in a chauvinistic society.

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    S.P. Muthuraman India, 1980

    In this superhit masala from the power duo of S. P. Muthuraman and Rajinikanth, the latter thrills in a double role that screams swagger as well as hilarity. The luminous presence of Sridevi is especially appealing as her screwball chemistry with Rajinikanth softens the film’s masculine rowdyism.


    S.P. Muthuraman India, 1982

    A young agriculturalist (Kamal Hassan) goes to extremes to attain revenge against his devious landlord and his family. Our hero is an upright young man, but when his family gets cheated out of money, he decides it’s time to take a stand.