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James Toback




A stockbroker’s son, James Toback holds degrees from both Harvard and Columbia. While an English instructor at CCNY, Toback began submitting articles to various publications, with special emphasis on sports magazines. Assigned to interview football star-turned-actor Jim Brown, Toback became close friends with his subject, spending several years as Brown’s houseguest. Their relationship was crystallized into Toback’s 1971 book Jim: The Author’s Self-Centered Memoir of the Great Jim Brown. This work brought Toback to the attention of Hollywood producers, culminating in his first screenplay credit for 1974’s The Gambler. In 1977, Toback turned director with Fingers, a succes d’estime starring-who else?—Jim Brown. Critical opinion was sharply divided over Toback’s directorial bow: Pauline Kael was underwhelmed by the film, citing “self-promotion” as Toback’s biggest talent, while David Thomson was so bowled over by Fingers that he wrote a essay-length… read more


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T. J. Harman


Where's the Big Bang?? That's a much better doc then Tyson and needs to be released on dvd/blu.

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J. Rameau


They are missing alot of films for Toback, funny enough they have the remake of "Fingers" but no "Fingers."


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James Toback

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