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Scott Walker


“I’ve become the Orson Welles of the record industry. People want to take me to lunch, but nobody wants to finance the picture…I keep hoping that when I make a record, I’ll be asked to make another one. I keep hoping that if I can make a series of three records, then I can progress and do different things each time. But when I have to get it up once every 10 years… it’s a tough way to work.”



Scott Walker (Noel Scott Engel) is an American singer who has lived and worked in England since 1965. Originally discovered by Eddie Fisher and cast as a late-50s teen idol under his real name, he formed The Walker Brothers in the early ’60s and performed Phil Spector-influenced ballads. In 1967 the band broke up and Scott (taking the band’s name for his own) began a solo career. His heavily orchestrated versions of songs by Jacques Brel and others, delivered in a crooning style, became immensely popular in Britain and continental Europe. Since the 1970s his output has been sporadic, first touching on country and MOR sounds, then briefly rejoining The Walker Brothers, before heading off into experimental music, yet continuing critical respect to the present day.

His albums “Tilt” and “The Drift”, differ a lot from his earlier work.
His current artistic direction is extremely avant-garde and has been described as the “sound of nightmares”.

His musical… read more


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Hoping for a new record at some point.

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Scott Walker is my God

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