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Alfred Hitchcock


“For me, the cinema is not a slice of life, but a piece of cake.”



Alfred Hitchcock has been the most well-known director to the general public since the 1940s – and he remains so in the 21st century, more than 25 years after his death. His name evokes instant expectations on the part of audiences around the world: of a memorable night of movie-watching highlighted by at least two or three great chills (and a few more good ones), some striking black comedy, and an eccentric characterization or two in virtually every one of the director’s movies across a half-century – and usually laced with a comical cameo appearance by the director himself.

Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was born into a devoutly Catholic family in London, and his religious upbringing – with its attendant issues of guilt – would have a powerful influence on the psychological underpinnings of his later work. He was trained at a technical school, and initially gravitated to movies through art courses and advertising. He studied the work of other filmmakers, most notably the German expressionists… read more


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to see only entertainment in his work, and not the symbolism to the naked eye, is pure ignorance.

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Alfred Hitchcock will always have a special place in my heart, as he's my grandmother's favorite director (she absolutely adores him, and always talks about seeing his films over and over again in theaters, when she was younger), and she was the one who first introduced me to him, with "The Birds" when I was about fourteen years old or so. I didn't completely get into him them, but I'm quite infatuated with his work now, "Rear Window" being my favorite.

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El maestro del suspenso, y con buena razón, Hitchcock sabia como crear una atmósfera que te atrapa y no te deja salir hasta el final.


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