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Tod Browning


“The thing you have to be most careful of in a mystery story, is not to let it verge on the comic. If a thing gets too gruesome and too horrible, it gets beyond the limits of the average imagination and the audience laughs. It may sound incongruous, but mystery must be made plausible.”



Tod Browning (12 July 1880 – 6 October 1962) was an American motion picture actor, director and screenwriter.

Browning’s career spanned the silent and talkie eras. Best-known as the director of Dracula (1931 in film), the cult classic Freaks (1932 in film), and classic silent film collaborations with Lon Chaney, Sr., Browning directed many movies in a wide range of genres.

He was born Charles Albert Browning, Jr., in Louisville, Kentucky, the second son of Charles Albert and Lydia Browning, and the nephew of baseball star Pete Browning. As a young boy, he put on amateur plays in his backyard. He was fascinated by the circus and carnival life, and at the age of 16 he ran away from his well-to-do family to become a performer.

Changing his name to “Tod”, he traveled extensively with sideshows, carnivals, and circuses. His jobs included working as a talker (barker, as the term is also known, isn’t correct) for the Wild Man of Borneo, performing a live… read more


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Outside The Law (1920)

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Where is Iron Man (1931)? Browning's best non horror film and only collaboration with Jean Harlow?

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How come Miracles for Sale isn't here?

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The Iron Man (1931) was an interesting boxing movie, certainly nowhere near his best, but a bit of a romp through Palookadom on the cusp of talkies/silents. Chronologically, it was between Dracula and Freaks. Some bookends.

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