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Gloria Grahame


“I don’t think I ever understood Hollywood.”



Gloria Grahame (November 28, 1923 – October 5, 1981) was an Academy Award-winning American film actress. Grahame was born Gloria Hallward in Los Angeles, California. Her mother, Jean McDougal, who used the stage name Jean Grahame, was a stage actress and acting teacher who taught Gloria acting during her childhood and adolescence. She was signed to a contact with MGM Studios after Louis B. Mayer saw her performing on Broadway. Changing her name to Gloria Grahame, she made her film debut in Blonde Fever (1944) and scored her most widely praised role as the neurotic small town girl Violet, who is saved from a disgraceful and disheartening future by George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life (1946). MGM was not able to develop her potential as a star and her contract was sold to RKO Studios in 1947. Grahame was often featured in film noir pictures as a tarnished beauty with an irresistible sexual allure. During this time, she made films for several Hollywood studios. She received an Oscar… read more


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Picture of Howard Fritzson

Howard Fritzson


Did anyone have a sexier mouth than Gloria Grahame? Joseph Mankiewicz said that Ann Sothern had the sexiest mouth in movies and you can see a similarity in the outside downward line of the upper lip wing. Grahame's manner expressed everything her lips conveyed, though: cheekiness, availability, wit, and maybe a little hurt. She didn't have leading roles all the time but she was the one you remembered.

Picture of Howard Orr

Howard Orr


So damn hot.

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"a woman too beautiful to be strictly evil, yet too naughty to be an innocent ingenue" - that's a great compliment, IMO :)

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