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Art Babbitt



As early as the 1942 publication of the first scholarly study of animation, The Art of Walt Disney by Dr. Robert Feild, Art Babbitt had gained a reputation as “The Greatest Animator Ever.”

Art was not only a stellar “performer with a pencil,” but he was also a director, an activist, a tireless teacher, andto this daya remarkable influence in the field of animation.

Arthur Harold Babitsky was born in October 1907, in Omaha, Nebraska. In 1912, his family relocated to Sioux City, Iowa, where soon after High School, Art fell into drawing and crude animation to make ends meet, and found he had a knack for the medium.

He went to New York to put himself through pre-med at Columbia College, instead, he was inspired to become an animator when he saw Disney’s Skeleton Dance (1929), and got a job at the Van Beuren Studio, then became an animator for Paul Terry. In 1932 he joined Disney, where by 1941 he was a top artist. He took the minor character Dippy Dawg and developed… read more


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