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François Truffaut


“I have always preferred the reflection of the life to life itself.”



The product of an unhappy, loveless home, Truffaut began using films to escape the exigencies of reality at age seven, virtually living in various Parisian movie houses. He left school to go to work at 14, and, one year later, founded a film club, which brought him to the attention of influential cinema critic Andre Bazin. Over the next few years, Bazin both financed and protected Truffaut. In 1953, Bazin hired Truffaut as a critic/essayist for Cahiers du Cinema. It was in the January 1954 edition that Truffaut published his landmark essay “A Certain Tendency in the French Cinema,” in which he attacked directors who merely ground out films without any personal cinematic vision; he also propounded the auteur theory, which opined that the only directors worth serious consideration were those who left their own individual signatures on each of their films. Truffaut noted that writing critiques enabled him to understand why he loved films and to rationalize his reasons for liking them… read more


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Lefteris Becerra


no del todo el tipo de director que me apasione, aunque reconozco mi debilidad por su intensa relación con el cine

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Watch Turner Classic Movies Channel on Friday nights all this month for some of his best films.

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    I recorded almost all of them and watched them. TCM is the best!

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    The only channel on TV that is nearly a perfect experience.

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Gia de Almeida


I adore Godard but I prefer Truffaut, I think his screenplays are generally better than Godard's.

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je m'appelle florent


today it's my birthday and it sucks


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