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Katsuhiro Ôtomo


“As I originally developed [AKIRA], I used each issue to build more depth and size into this mammoth city [Neo-Tokyo]. I kept trying to achieve this by creating a variety of situations to stage the graphic storytelling. But with film you get to combine all this into one and I think that it is much more convincing on film than in a serialised comic strip.”



Born in Miyagi, Japan, Katsuhiro Otomo grew up with a passion for American and European comics, and for watching American movies. In 1973 he moved to Tokyo to become a comic book artist, making his debut with “A Gun Report,” published in Action magazine. He continued to write for Action, with a regular comic strip and a series of short stories.

A 1977 trip to New York City inspired Otomo to create “Nippon Sayonara,” about a Japanese martial arts professor living in Manhattan. In 1979, Otomo made his first foray into science fiction with the serial “Fireball.” This was followed by another series, “Domu,” which became his first mainstream success.

Otomo eventually turned his sights to film, directing and writing the screenplay for Give Me a Gun Give Me Freedom (1982). He enjoyed much success with Akira (1988), winning a Silver Scream Award at the 1992 Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival for the film which was based on his highly popular comic series of the same name. For Memories… read more


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World Apartment Horror (written by the great late Satoshi Kon) is missing.

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Wow, I should add his biography, picture and quote. It's too bare.

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Actually I think I'll give it 4 stars.

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please add Steamboy so i can give it 3 stars


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