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Gunnar Fischer


“I felt privileged collaborating with Bergman.”



Born in Ljungby on November 18, 1910, Fischer studied painting for Otte Sköld, lived in Copenhagen and spent three years enlisted in the navy before he applied for work at Svensk Filmindustri. At SF he learned cinematography from Victor Sjöström’s legendary photographer Julius Jaenzon and started out as assistant cameraman on Smålänningar. He was then engaged as assistant cameraman for 16 feature films before his first film as director of photography in 1942.

During his productive years from 1935–75, Gunnar Fischer worked with Sweden’s most prominent directors as well as with international directors such as Anthony Asquith and Carl Theodor Dreyer. He served as cinematographer for twelve of the young Ingmar Bergman’s films, from Harbour City in 1948 to The Devil’s Eye (and also designed the titles for The Touch).

Gunnar Fischer on his partnership with Bergman:

‘I felt privileged collaborating with Bergman. He was never indifferent to photography. He could be upset… read more


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