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Anthony Dod Mantle


“You're talking words like 'disintegration' and 'destruction'... I converted the video to a very high-speed pushed film stock. That way the digital noise starts to talk to the film grain. I wanted this... organic mass to bubble up there on the screen.”



Born: 1955, Oxford, UK. Moved to Denmark in 1985.

Education: London College of Printing [Photography, 1980-84]; Den Danske Filmskole [DDF]/National Film School of Denmark [1985-89].

Career: ‘A late-blooming DP, he did not leave film school until he had turned 30, spending the early part of his twenties traveling the world. It was while in India that he began to recognize his growing love of stills photography. "My mum’s a painter and my dad’s a scientist," he explains, “and they were always trying me out with anything artistic everything from the piano to painting. When I came back from India I applied to the London College of Printing, got in and studied there for three years before getting my degree. So I started off in stills photography and then moved into film. I remember shooting my first film project on a CP16 camera which was a little strange, a little box with a funny long lens and what looked like a spare tire balanced on top of it.” Encouraged to pursue his… read more


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Julian, this is certainly true when it pertains to Lars Von Trier. Dogville is an absolute dogshit of a movie, but it's quite nicely shot.

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Julian Indica


The master. Indisputable wizard. Better than his directors.