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Jean-Pierre Jeunet


“I wanted to make a fake Paris, a Paris of dreams, like in my head when I was twenty and I arrived in Paris for the first time. I wanted to avoid the bad things: traffic jams, dog shit on the street, the rain.”



Several years before he helmed the fourth Alien film, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, together with fellow French cinema wunderkind/creative partner Marc Caro, made his mark on international cinema with two of the most distinctive films of the 1990s. Collaborating throughout the 1980s on ads, music videos, and such shorts as Le Manège (1980), Jeunet and Caro honed their signature visual flair and darkly comic sensibility; Jeunet’s solo effort Foutaises (1989) won a César for Best Short Film. Bringing their unique style to feature films in the 1990s, Jeunet and Caro’s debut work Delicatessen (1991) became an international art film sensation. Hailed for its grotesquely comic and oddly touching tale of post-nuclear survival amid a group of eccentrics in an ominous, almost palpably clammy yet cartoon-like “retro future” setting, Delicatessen attracted an ardent following and earned several festival prizes and two Césars. Flush from Delicatessen’s success, Jeunet and Caro finally made a feature they… read more


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I wish he'd make more films like Amelie. (re: quote) The rest of his other films didn't quite show me the Paris that I saw in Amelie.

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Kristoffer Myhre


The man displays a sublime grasp of dreaming. His films displaying a romanticized world which re-awoke my interest in french film. The sheer imagination in the camera work and set design, not to mention the characters, is nothing short of impressive. While most of the films have dark themes, the films never stray from the innocence which makes them so unique. I eagerly await to see what he comes up with next.

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bronson, Kelvane

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David Huxley


There are qualities about his films that make them undeniably a work by Jeunet. The plotting and use of flashbacks to fill in the back story, the quirky characters that are truer than reality, the quick cuts, the outrageous set designs that are either brighter or duller than life but never true , the surreal and absurd moments, the camera moves that unashamedly call attention to themselves, and the sense that you're in the hands of a masterful filmmaker.

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Sue Denim


That quote sums it up perfectly.