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Slavoj Žižek


“Tolerance makes everything boring, we need more conflict!”



Slavoj Žižek (pronounced [ˈslavoj ˈʒiʒɛk]) (born 21 March 1949) is a Lacanian Marxist sociologist, philosopher, and cultural critic. He was born in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia (in the People’s Republic of Slovenia). He received a Doctor of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Ljubljana and studied psychoanalysis at the University of Paris VIII with Jacques-Alain Miller and François Regnault. Since 2005, Žižek has been a member of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Žižek is well known for his use of the works of 20th-century French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan in a new reading of popular culture. He writes on many topics including the Iraq War, fundamentalism, capitalism, tolerance, political correctness, globalization, subjectivity, human rights, Lenin, myth, cyberspace, postmodernism, multiculturalism, post-Marxism, David Lynch, and Alfred Hitchcock. In an interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!, he described himself as a “Marxist” and a “Communist.” —http://en… read more


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