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Robert Aldrich


“A director is a ringmaster, a psychiatrist and a referee.”



Robert Burgess Aldrich was born in Cranston, Rhode Island, the son of Lora Lawson and newspaper publisher Edward B. Aldrich. He was a grandson of U.S. Senator Nelson W. Aldrich and a cousin to Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller. He was educated at the Moses Brown School, Providence, Rhode Island, and studied economics at the University of Virginia. In 1941, he left university for a minor job at the RKO Radio Pictures, thus beginning his career as a cinéaste.

He quickly rose in film production as an assistant director, he worked with Jean Renoir, Abraham Polonsky, Joseph Losey and Charlie Chaplin, working with the latter as an assistant on Limelight. He became a television director in the 1950s, directing his first feature film, The Big Leaguer, in 1953. In that time, Aldrich was the rare American example of the auteur film maker, depicting his liberal humanist thematic vision in many genres, in films such as Kiss Me Deadly (1955), today a film noir classic, The Big Knife (1955), a cinematic… read more


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Picture of Conquest of Gaul

Conquest of Gaul


His films(written and directed)...the writing is like extremely trashy Tennessee Williams.

Picture of Mandrakegray



I'm a fan of The Big Knife too ... but what's with the lack of entry for Emperor of the North Pole? My vote for Aldrich's most underrated film.

Picture of morita



yeah! the big knife is one of the best aldrich movies.

Picture of Drewcifer



Any love for The Big Knife?