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Néstor Almendros


“I've made 47 movies and I've got several awards, and there's a moment when you think you owe something to society. I have access to camera and film, and I know how. The Cuban case is too scandalous not to talk about.”



Almendros was born in Barcelona, Spain, on October 30, 1930, and was one of three children in his family. His father was a Republican Loyalist and during the Spanish Civil War (1936–39) he fought against the fascist forces of General Francisco Franco (1892–1975). The Republican Loyalists were fighting to preserve the Second Spanish Republic and its progressive liberal ideals, but Franco’s side triumphed in the end. It was a brutal and bloody war, and there were repercussions for years to come for the Loyalists; because of this, Almendros’s father was forced into exile and fled to Cuba.
Roman Exile

Almendros and his family joined their father in Cuba in 1948. Young Almendros earned a doctorate from the University of Havana, and then fled a Cuban regime headed by General Fulgencio Batista (1901–1973), which began cracking down on University of Havana student protests in 1955 with the use of military force. He settled in Rome, where he enrolled in film school at the Centro Sperimentale… read more


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Where is his brilliant documentary Nobody Listened?

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Bruce Mayne


Master of Available Light

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Aurora, micah van hove

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Clarice the Specter


"Nothing is worse than the abuse of technical devices: diffusers, telephoto lenses, slow motion, etc. When they have nothing interesting in front of the camera, many directors resort to tricks. Fortunately, Rohmer doesn't need such affectations. Limits have a great deal to do with style. When there are no limits, there is no style.'

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    Clarice the Specter


    It's weird that I posted this, because nearly a year later, I don't agree at all! But, I guess he was talking about certain DPs/directors resorting to unnecessary tricks...

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    I love slow motion and I hate dp's all douches...they can be geniuses and improve a pic but they all think they're saviours and gods and whatnot....and yes i love the fact that Rohmer does so much with so little...and i quite agree with "When they have nothing interesting in front of the camera, many directors resort to tricks. " but then is there anything more debatable than "interesting things in front of the camera"? what is interesting?

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Para quienes hablen español (castellano) pueden ver en youtube la increible y maravillosa entrevista a Néstor Alméndros realizada por Joaquín Soler Serrano en el ya legendario programa de la TVEspañola A FONDO. Una entrevista emocionante de un hombre lleno de luz que ya no está más.

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