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Harun Farocki


“Ten years on it’s always the article on the back of the newspaper cutting that’s of interest, but half a column is missing.”



Harun Farocki was born in Novi Jicín in 1944 in what is today the Czech Republic. He studied at the German Cinematic and Television Academy (DFFB) in Berlin, from which he was expelled in 1968 for political reasons. In addition to writing theoretical texts, he has scripted numerous films and television productions. His work was shown at Documenta 12 in Kassel and in numerous international retrospectives and has received many awards.

Farocki’s early films are marked by ideas of a cultural revolution as formulated by the increasingly radical Left of the time and are explicitly developed as effective means of political propaganda. In this way, “Inextinguishable Fire” (1968/69) seizes upon the Vietnam War as one of the quintessential themes of the student movement. While his politically-motivated educational films subject the audience to an analytical and consciousness-raising agenda, the subsequent auctorial, essayistic, and documentary films call for a more active reception on… read more


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come to think about it, I really want Farocki's job

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Does he looks like Pier Paolo Pasolini?

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Farocki retrospective at Ankara International Film Festival:

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INEXTINGUISHABLE FIRE and THEIR NEWSPAPERS are easily two of the most exciting, radical, and productive examples of a political cinema.