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Eli Roth


“I’ll direct any movie starring a monkey or the Olsen Twins. Preferably both.”



Ask any horror filmmaker about the influences for their celluloid nightmares and chances are they’ll come back with something about their childhood fears and attempting to realize the things that scare them most. For Hostel and Cabin Fever director Eli Roth it has ultimately become a deeply disturbing mixture of the two. Roth’s proliferation in the horror genre coupled with his giddy willingness to play the role of cinema outlaw came at just the time the PG-13 blues were leading many genre aficionados to wonder if there really were anymore filmmakers out there who were still willing to break the rules.

As a young horror fanatic, the future New York Film School graduate obsessed over keeping pace with the career trajectory of Evil Dead director Sam Raimi. With a target of 21 as the age by which he should direct his first feature, the ambitious 20-year-old sat down to write a script based on a series of frightening medical incidents that happened to him in his youth. Paralyzed… read more


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Picture of Steve "The Schmuck" Pulaski

Steve "The Schmuck" Pulaski


Is it strange I'd rather watch an interview with this man rather than one of his films? He has a great passion and devotion to the hard genre, yet I just can't find much to recommend about it.

Picture of gloryofistanbul



A great director,taken horror to a new level,keep up the good work is what i say

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Picture of Zachary Curl

Zachary Curl


mostly a boner, but he directed a really nice piece for Inglorious Bastards.

Picture of Christian Harding

Christian Harding


Worst filmmaker EVAR.

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