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Lukas Haas


“A low budget is uncomfortable.”



At the age of five Lukas Haas was discovered in his kindergarten class by casting director Marjorie Simkin. His first film role was that of the youngest of the doomed children in Testament (1983). In 1985 he gained notice when he starred as Samuel, the little Amish boy who witnesses a murder in Witness (1985). He was nominated for an Emmy in the made-for-TV movie The Ryan White Story (1989) (TV). By his teenage years, he appeared with Jessica Lange in Music Box (1989) and Steve Martin in Leap of Faith (1992). On Broadway, Lukas starred with Martin and Robin Williams in “Waiting for Godot”. -IMDb 


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Lukas Haas starred int the 2007 film, "Gardener of Eden". MUBI should add that film.

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Vanessa Caswell


where's Lady in white!!! (1988)