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André Dussollier


“I'm not hostile towards solitude. It's reassuring. I like knowing it's there.”



French leading man Andre Dussolier was first seen by international filmgoers in a supporting role in Francois Truffaut’s Such a Gorgeous Kid Like Me (1973). Subsequent Dussolier appearances in Perceval Le Gaulois and L’Amour a Mort were not widely seen outside the borders of France, though there were the occasional exceptions, notably Alain Resnais’ Melo (1984). The American-produced Just the Way You Are (1984), filmed primarily at a French ski resort, allowed Dussolier a rare appearance in an English-speaking film, in support of Kristy McNichol and Michael Ontkean. The biggest moneymaker with which Andre Dussolier was aligned was 1987’s Three Men and a Cradle, which was subsequently remade by Hollywood as Three Men and a Baby (1988), with Ted Danson taking over the Dussolier role. — 


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