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Philippe de Broca


“I sold my car and my wife’s furs -she agreed, of course- to buy a full page in the papers and invite people to come see it for free.”



Philippe de Broca has worked consistently since the 1960s, directing films for theatrical release and television. Yet when one thinks of de Broca, one thinks not of his recent titles but of his earliest and most successful films: sincere, playfully impudent comic spoofs made with dexterity and vigor, which stress illusion over reality. In these early films, which he also co-scripted, de Broca’s characters are nonconformists who celebrate life and the joy of personal liberation. Structurally the films are highly visual, more concerned with communicating by images than by any specifics in the scenario. And these images often are picturesque. De Broca acknowledges his desire to give pleasure to the esthetic sense and, as such, he is a popular artist. While these early films are neither as evocative as those of François Truffaut (with whom de Broca worked as an assistant director on The 400 Blows ) nor as cinematic as those of Claude Chabrol (with whom de Broca worked as an assistant director… read more


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The Joker/Le Farceur (1960) ?

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Renee Hirshfield


Where, oh where is THAT MAN FROM RIO (1964)? I'm particularly fond of this film because it's the first foreign-language film I saw unaccompanied by a parent—and in an art house, no less: the Paris Theatre in New York City.

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Some of his films are missing...