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Mel Blanc


“Today was tomorrow yesterday, so don't inhale.”



American entertainer Mel Blanc, who would make his name and fortune by way of his muscular vocal chords, started out in the comparatively non-verbal world of band music. He entered radio in 1927, and within six years was costarring with his wife on a largely adlibbed weekly program emanating from Portland, Oregon, titled Cobwebs and Nuts. Denied a huge budget, Blanc was compelled to provide most of the character voices himself, and in so doing cultivated the skills that would bring him fame. He made the Los Angeles radio rounds in the mid-1930s, then was hired to provide the voice for a drunken bull in the 1937 Warner Bros. “Looney Tune” Picador Porky. Taking over the voice of Porky (“Th-th-th-that’s all, Folks”) Pig from a genuine stammerer who knew nothing about comic timing, Blanc became a valuable member of the “Termite Terrace” cartoon staff. Before long, he created the voice of Daffy Duck, whose lisping cadence was inspired by Warner Bros. cartoon boss Leon Schlesinger. In 1940… read more

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