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Sara Driver




Sara Driver (born December 15, 1955) is an independent filmmaker born in Westfield, New Jersey. She produced two early films for Jim Jarmusch, helping him to gain international attention and success. She is also known for coining the phrase necro-tourism after the surge in tourism due to the fall of the World Trade Towers in 2001.

Film career

Driver made her directorial debut in 1981 with You Are Not I, a short subject film based on a Paul Bowles story and co-written by Jim Jarmusch. Shot in six days on a $12,000 budget, it developed a following soon after a well-received premiere at the Public Theater, only to be pulled out of circulation when a warehouse fire destroyed the film’s negative. Rarely seen, it was still championed by renowned critics and film journals like Jonathan Rosenbaum and Cahiers du Cinéma, which hailed You Are Not I as one of the best films of the 1980s. Considered ‘lost’ for many years, a print was later discovered among Bowles belongings, and following… read more


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