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Owen Roizman


“Film is a unique art form in the sense that no one person can express himself or herself alone. You rely on a lot of unsung heroes. It's not like an artist painting a picture where it's just him and the easel. There are 100 people I rely on.”



Born: 22 September 1936, Brooklyn, New York, USA, as son of Sol Roizman, a newsreel ph for Fox Movietone News.

Education: Valley Stream Central High School; Gettysburg College, Pennsylvania [Physics & Math; BS in 1958].

Career: ‘During the summers of my sophomore and junior years of college, I worked at Camera Equipment Company, a camera rental company in New York. I checked cameras out for rental and checked them in. I learned how to thread film. I learned about lenses, and how to put cameras together and take them apart. That experience helped me a lot when I became an assistant cameraman right out of college. […] I worked at first with my father, and then he spoke to a friend named Akos Farkas, a wonderful Hungarian cinematographer, who took me under his wing. I worked for Akos for a year as his assistant. […] Then, Gerald Hirschfeld, who was part owner of MPO Videotronics in New York and also a wonderful cinematographer, needed a new assistant cameraman. He asked… read more


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