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Spike Jonze


“Being able to shoot on videos and commercials — just being on the set, with only a certain amount of time and shots and sequences to do in that amount of time, learning how to work with the crew the physical production and the limitations — is all good training.”



Spike Jonze is regarded as one of the most famous directors of commercials and music videos. He was nominated for the Academy Award in the category of producer and director in television and film. Jonze is well known for his contribution in the movies entitled “Adaptation” released in 2002 and “Being John Malkovich” a 1999 release. Jonze is also the co-producer of the popular program “Jackass” aired through the MTV television network.

Spike Jonze was born Adam Spiegel in Rockville, Maryland on the 22nd October 1969 and brought up in Bethesda, Maryland. Jonze was the eldest son of Arthur Spiegel III and Sandy Granzow. Spike Jonze has a brother named Sam. Arthur Spiegel III was a respected Management Consultant with a decent client list including many big and small corporations; Spike Jonze’s mother was a famous writer, artist and communications consultant. His brother Sam currently is a DJ and producer. Jonze started his education at the Walt Whitman School.

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Renato Miranda


With exception of his first movie, his film work hasn't matched the level of his music video work (yet).

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This is Jake Kath


I'm ready for the tears "Her" is going to provide.

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Rubbish Heap (1989) Video Days (1991) Mouse (1997) The Chocolate Tour (1999) Yeah Right! (2003) Hot Chocolate (2004) Krooked Chronicles (2006) Fully Flared (2007) Final Flare (2008) and Pretty Sweet (2012) (?) Music videos but not skate videos? He's co-owner of Girl Skateboards. Owen Wilson was in Yeah Right!

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    Robert Orlowski


    RIGHT!!! Being im a skateboarder and filmed skateboarding its asinine that those momentous films aren't listed. I'd rather watch jason lee's part from video days than over hyped arcade fire video.

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    I was thinking it'd be pointless because there aren't many big names, but a music video is just as pointless. And I'd rather watch Jason Lee in Video Days than in one of his chipmunk movies.

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britney spears


I already love his Joaquin Phoenix movie just by leering at the paparazzi photos.

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