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Charlie Kaufman


“I try to write something that's complicated. That has different levels within it - I think people can do what they want to do once they watch the movie. I intend it to be what it is. I write for myself. What I understand.”



He first came to mainstream notice as the writer of Being John Malkovich (directed by Spike Jonze), earning an Oscar nomination for his effort and winning a BAFTA. He also wrote Human Nature, which was directed by Michel Gondry, and then worked with Jonze again as the screenwriter for Adaptation., which earned him another Oscar nomination and his second BAFTA. Adaptation. featured a “Charlie Kaufman” character who is a heavily fictionalized version of the screenwriter and who has an “identical twin brother,” Donald, a sell-out screenwriter reflecting Kaufman’s anxieties about Hollywood. The DVD edition of Adaptation. contains a filmography which lists Donald Kaufman as having written the screenplay for the movie. The credits of the film close with the words “in loving memory of Donald Kaufman”.

Kaufman also penned the screenplay for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, a biopic based on the “unauthorized autobiography” of Chuck Barris, the creator of such popular game shows as The… read more


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He is one of very very few people who writes movies that can only be movies. Truly, one of modern times' most distinct and forward-moving talents.

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Fredward Dwayne


Truly an innovative storyteller. A great inspiration.

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Josh Soto Bernasconi


This guy is a genius. Period.

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Can't wait for his future project with Spike Jonze