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Antonio Ole




ANTONIO OLE was born in Luanda (Angola) in 1951. He lives and works in Luanda, country whose past and present inspire his work. He graduated from the American Film Institute of Los Angeles (USA) and studied Afro-American culture and cinema in the University of California (UCLA).

Painter, filmmaker and photographer, Ole has created a vast body of work that reflects the multiple aspects of his creative universe, focusing on the themes of colonisation, civil war, famine, social conflicts and, specially, the human capacity for resistance and survival. Throughout his artistic career, he has developed projects that reveal a certain formal and aesthetic eclecticism, his works including drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video and cinema. He directed several documentaries and videos on the life and history of Angola, such as: Os Ferroviários (Railway workers), 1975; O Ritmo dos Ngola Ritmos (The Rhythm of Ngola Rhythms), 1978, Sonangol: 10 Anos Mais Forte (Sonangol… read more

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