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Simon Pegg


“I think at its best the American sense of humor is the same as the British sense of humor at its best, which is to be wry and ironic and self deprecating.”



Perhaps the busiest television actor on either side of the pond, British standup comedian-turned-actor Simon Pegg has become a ubiquitous presence to U.K. television viewers since making his debut in the popular 1995 comedy series Six Pairs of Pants. With his role as the writer and hapless title character in the British “zom-rom-com” (zombie romantic comedy) Shaun of the Dead, Pegg’s popularity set sail for U.S. shores as well.

A Glouchester native who completed his education at Bristol University before segueing into film and television, Pegg showed considerable promise as an actor in his early television appearances. It was during the production of Six Pairs of Pants that Pegg made the acquaintance of future collaborators Jessica Stevenson and Edgar Wright, and in the years that followed, the trio would find notable small-screen success in such efforts as Asylum and Spaced — with the latter finding an especially strong following on U.K. television. Additional roles in Saturday… read more


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shaun morrison


I really want to see him do drama!

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Mysterious F.


I love this guy. He's hysterical.

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