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Edgar G. Ulmer


“I really am looking for absolution for all the things I had to do for money's sake.”



Edgar George Ulmer was one of the very few genuinely creative filmmakers who, for a time, chose the world of low-budget B-films over the more opulent milieu of mainstream, high-profile A-pictures. Born in Vienna, Austria, he worked as a stage actor and set designer while studying architecture and philosophy, and later joined the company of the legendary German theatrical producer Max Reinhardt. He first visited America in connection with a Reinhardt production, and became briefly involved with Universal Pictures in the mid-‘20s. On his return to Germany he served as an assistant to filmmaker F.W. Murnau, and worked as art director on the latter’s film Sunrise, which was shot in Hollywood in 1927. Ulmer went back to Germany to co-direct Menschen am Sonntag (1929) in collaboration with Robert Siodmak. He emigrated to Hollywood in the early ‘30s, working as a writer on movies such as Tabu and as an art director. By 1933, Ulmer had been signed to Universal as… read more


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moon over harlem,1939

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"Ulmer, surely, was some sort of saint—no director ever humbled himself more thoroughly in pursuit of his art." --Dave Kehr

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Strange Illusion and The Strange Woman should be added