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Lee Yoon-ki


“There’s no such thing as “an auteurist filmmaker.” Every film directors is an auteur. We only make films that we do because we cannot put on clothes that don’t fit us.”



His first feature, (2004), starring [KIM Ji-su], won wide acclaim in the international film festival circuit, starting with taking the New Currents Award at [Pusan International Film Festival]. With a short filmography of only four features, Lee nonetheless has firmly built a world of filmmaking that can be called uniquely his own. His ability to depict characters’ innermost emotions and inter-workings in a stylish manner in storylines that seem all so mundane on the surface has won him praises from a wide-ranging audiences both in Korea and overseas. His films have been invited for special screening at numerous film festivals in France, Spain, and other countries. Actresses who worked in lead roles of Lee’s films, such as [KIM Ji-su], [BAE Jong-ok], and [JEON Do-youn], have been praised for the most delicate and stable acting performances of all their movie roles. — 


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Love Talk, too.