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Sibel Kekilli




Kekilli grew up in Heilbronn, the daughter of Turkish parents, who had come to Germany in 1977. She describes her parents as fairly liberal, allowing her to participate at school trips and to go without a headscarf. After leaving school at age 16, she worked for two years for the local city government, then moved to Essen, where she worked various jobs.

One day in 2002 while at a Cologne shopping mall, she was noticed by a casting director, who called her up for an audition for a role in a movie. Sibel won the leading role for Fatih Akın’s planned movie against a field of 350 other hopefuls. This movie Gegen die Wand (Head-On) was released in 2004 and was a major public success, receiving several prizes at film festivals.

Shortly after the release of “Head-On”, the German tabloid newspaper Bild-Zeitung revealed, in a sensationalist tone, that she had previously acted in pornographic films using the stage name “Dilara”. This report led to a public scandal. Kekilli’s parents… read more


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Checkpoint Charlie


She can also be briefly seen as a cashier in Hal Hartley's "Fay Grim."

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Ally the Manic Listmaker


OMG without a headscarf, that's insane! I'll have to check out this actress now. She defies all the rules!!

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