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Kate McCabe




Kate McCabe lives near Joshua Tree, California where she founded the art collective Kidnap Yourself. She graduated from the University of the Arts and obtained her MFA in Experimental Animation from Cal Arts under the innovative Jules Engel. An award winning filmmaker, Kate’s work has shown globally since 1995 in film festivals and galleries. Sabbia, her first feature film, a visual album for Brant Bjork, is distributed internationally. Her films often explore the themes of celebrating the beauty in the everyday and unveiling the twilight world between daydreams and reality. Technically, Kate is a hybrid animator combining live action photography and animation, with time manipulation techniques both in-camera and with optical printing. Her current work includes paintings, photography, short fiction, and art books, her most recent being a sketch comic book “Mojave Weather Diaries.” Kate has taught film as a visiting artist at CalArts and UC San Diego. 


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