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Lou Ye


“Many Chinese directors practice self-censorship because of the tight controls. But I think this is fatal. Directors must be free.”



Lou Ye (simplified Chinese: 娄烨; traditional Chinese: 婁燁; pinyin: Lóu Yè; Wade-Giles: Lou Yeh), born 1965, is a Chinese writer-director who is commonly grouped with the “Sixth Generation” directors of Chinese cinema and is currently banned from filmmaking by the Chinese government for five years as a result of controversy surrounding his film, Summer Palace.
Born in Shanghai, Lou was educated at the Beijing Film Academy. In 1993, he made his first film Weekend Lover, but it was not released until two years later in 1995. Lou, however, did not gain international prominence until his second film, the neo-noir Suzhou River. That film dealt with questions of identity and proved quite controversial upon its release in China. Upon its release, international audiences praised Suzhou River, which several critics felt evoked Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, particularly in how both films focus on a man obsessed with a mysterious woman.

In 2003, Lou Ye made the film Purple Butterfly starring… read more


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John Calvin Story


Weekend Lover is online. I just shit myself:

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Poppy, bruno de freitas leal

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John Calvin Story


hey, check out this great interview at Sino Flicker:

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Richard Hibbert


Figured I should break the silence on this, but I really appreciate Lou Ye. Sometimes his films may not hit the mark, but they've always got something. They mean something. And that's what makes him so special. That and Summer Palace is a fantastic epic of a drama.

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