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Theodoros Angelopoulos


“Prizes are prizes, but I still need to tell that story. And being simple is the hardest thing.”



Theo Angelopoulos began to study law in Athens but broke up his studies to go to the Sorbonne in Paris in order to study literature. When he had finished his studies, he wanted to attend the School of Cinema at Paris but decided instead to go back to Greece. There he worked as a journalist and critic for the newspaper “Demokratiki Allaghi” until it was banned by the military after a coup d’état. Now unemployed, he decided to make his first movie, Anaparastasi (1970). Internationally successful was his trilogy about the history of Greece from 1930 to 1970 consisting of Meres tou ’36 (1972), O thiasos (1975), and Oi kynigoi (1977). After the end of the dictatorship in Greece, Angelopoulos went to Italy, where he worked with RAI (and more money). His movies then became less political. —IMDb 


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Who is that raincoated cyclist?

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It's a shame his last film was not very good, I already wrote about it, but this guy was a superb filmaker of very high class, a true inspiration for any short films I have made since seeing his films. The way his camera flows is effortless yet deliberate, and the pacing of his films, the depth of his characters, is so unique. A true master.

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I am asking for a bunch of his films for Chrimbo, can't wait!

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This is missing: "Athina, epistrofi stin Akropoli (1983)"


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