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Manoel de Oliveira


“Standing still is to die; that is the point. The worst thing would be to do nothing, to be scared of acting. It would be a mistake to stand still, to not try something.”



Manoel Cândido Pinto de Oliveira, GCSE (Portuguese pronunciation: [mɐnuˈɛɫ doliˈvɐjɾɐ]; born December 11, 1908) is a Portuguese film director born in Cedofeita, Porto. He is currently the oldest active film director in the world.

Manoel de Oliveira was born in Porto, Portugal on December 11, 1908, to Francisco José de Oliveira and Cândida Ferreira Pinto. His family were wealthy industrialists.

Oliveira attended school in Galicia, Spain and his goal as a teenager was to become an actor. He enrolled in Italian film-maker Rino Lupo’s acting school at age 20, but later changed his mind when he saw Walther Ruttmann’s documentary Berlin: Symphony of a City. This prompted him to direct his first film, also a documentary, titled Douro, Faina Fluvial (1931).

He also has the distinction of having acted in the second Portuguese sound film, A Canção de Lisboa (1933).

His first feature film came much later, in 1942. Aniki-Bóbó, a portrait of Oporto’s street children… read more


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King of the film directors.

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One day, he'll probably be my favorite filmmaker.

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Very pleased to learn in 'Les Cahiers' that Manoel de Oliveira is still active, at 105. Unfortunately it seems that his last project, as all Portuguese productions in the current period, has financing problems. The main character of this project is 'the old man of the Rostello', coming directly from Camoes' Luisiadas. I have done myself a very brief reference to the old man of Rostello in my 'Minimae Blasphemiae' (visible for friends on Vimeo). But my work is a very very modest one compared to the one of the Master. No need to say !

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